Monday, February 16, 2009

Wisdom Of The 2nd Amendment

Opponents of the 2nd amendment have never
understood that the prime benefit of the
right to keep and bear arms is reaped
without a shot being fired.

via Glenn Sacks


Clay Bowler said...

They never will understand.

TWhiddon said...

Terror comes in many forms. The sad part is much of it comes from government. I feel that a storm is brewing in our country, and our guns are the only thing that can shelter us from that storm.

American Genie said...

TWhiddon is so right in his comment.

Thanks for all the great posts. If you've been to Genie's Dream lately you know I haven't posted in a while.

For some time I have been unable to post any photos for some unknown reason, & yesterday I found that I have no toolbar at my new post window, & being so totally computer ignorant, I can't figure it out. The husband hasn't had the time or inclination to help me figure it out, so I am lost.

Please keep up the great work, & thank you bunches!

God bless America!

Anonymous said...

I will second TWhidden sentiments on the issue. Keep your eyes on the horizon for the comming storm.

God,Guns,Free Speech said...

As this Counrty moves towards Socialism I too fear that there is a day reckoning coming.TWhiddon is right, guns will be the only thing that will shelter us

cocked and loaded said...

The storm is brewing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.............. We are under attack.........All I can say is......... Buy as many guns as you can, buy as many rounds as you can, for those that don't reload, learn it, and buy equipment to do so......... I have a feeling the animals are going to breach the walls far earlier then expected.

Fight this to the bitter end........... Out of my cold dead hands......... If i was good enough to defend the citizend of Chicago for oh those many year's i am good enough to defend my own life, liberty and family.

If you find any groups, polls, letters to government to oppose this, please let us know......... i want my name on that petition..

Thanks and be safe,