Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gun Grabbing Socialists Want Your Ammo

A number of states have proposed legislation
to control ammunition... Folks we must fight
this right now. Call or write those assholes
in congress and let them know where we stand.
This threat is real.


American Genie said...

You are so right, as always!

This was sent in an email last night:

It's a link to a poll by USA Today re: 2nd Amendment. I know you'll pass it on.

God bless America!

TWhiddon said...

If they can't take the guns then they'll take the ammo. Or make it too expensive to buy it.

Anonymous said...

Georgia has a bill,SB12,that was put forth by a liberal here. Does about the same thing as you discribe. I doubt it will get passed,but I and those in take no chances with something like this.

Anonymous said...

My bet is, they are going to make ammo soooooooooo expensive, that the average citizen won't be able to afford it....... Stock up early. And learn to reload your own.

hugsss ya up and hope your cold is doing better

Brigid said...

I got a call from a coworker out in the CA division. He was really puzzled, he hadn't bought ammo in the last two months and could not find any 9 mm. Not at the hunting/fishing supplies, not at a Walmart, NO WHERE.

He said to me, half joking "is there some sort of revolution happening and I'm too slow to catch on?"