Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Losing Our Freedom

The only legitimate purpose of government
is to secure or protect our freedom and


Anonymous said...

As for President Obama I know that he is a hard-core leftist -- and perhaps a neo-Marxist. I know that his agenda could drive the last nail into America' coffin and that it is a blow against all that is great and good. Thus, if I wished him success, it could only mean I hated my country, my fellow man, and God himself.
And to all those bloggers asking us conservatives to support this Marxist, I can tell them exactly where they can go.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Article!!!! Thank you for posting this blog........ There are many that seem to think they know freedom, but truly do not.......... I am hoping that America wakes up before we are all doomed.

Great Post!!!

Rue St. Michel said...

Howdy -
Great blog and spot on.

If you want some info on how to fight Obama and his Mercedez Marxists, check out here.