Sunday, February 1, 2009

FEMA Not Responding To Ice Storm Victims

42 dead, 11 in Kentucky. Imagine the
media reaction if this were GWB.


Clay Bowler said...

I was only joking when I predicted this the other day in Democrats Have Become Big Boobs: Petition This, Petition That. Now it has come true.

cocked and loaded said...

Good call Clay.

Anonymous said...

Fema didn't do anything!!!!!!! I live in KY and we were out of power for days on end... Just got it back up to find when we did lose power it blew our hotwater heater......... UGH.......... Do I want to call Obama and see where his sympathy is for our area and all that had to suffer through it in bitter cold...... Oh i know where it was, in an over heated whitehouse with his ass squarely planted in the Oval Office eating hot cheeto's and purple pop.