Sunday, February 22, 2009

From The "Only Ones" Files

After telling a classroom full of kids
that he was the only one in the room
professional enough to carry a Glock.40,
he proceeded to shoot himself in the

via David Codrea


God,Guns,Free Speech said...

I love it when incidents like these
are pointed out,Im sure the gun grappers dont like it much HOORAAAHH

American Genie said...

Bright guy. Everyone has accidents. Shouldn't brag, the worst ones always seem to occur then. So glad he was the only one injured as bullets do sometimes ricochet. Glad his foot got in the way. He probably won't be sticking it in his mouth again any time soon.

Thanks, Rooster.

BTW, blog is back online with a minor kink here & there, but I am posting again.

God bless you, & God bless America!

Mel said...

ahh my i don't even know what to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in here there's a great metaphor for the Obamessiah's future plans for this nation.

Thanks for following- great blog you've got here!

USA_Admiral said...

Be careful when you hear someone say "he is the only only one".