Thursday, February 26, 2009

HR 45- Lying In Wait

This bill would give the government so
much power over gun ownership it could
bring our 2nd amendment rights to an
end in America.


TWhiddon said...

I'll give it about a year before this really starts to rear it ugly head.

American Genie said...

Maybe we all should consider relocating to Montana.

Read this:

God bless America!

Thanks, Rooster!

TWhiddon said...

I also think it's ironic that Rep Bobby Rush, was a former Black Panther in the 60's and he served time in jail for weapons violations back then.

kateykakes said...

I'm NOT giving up my guns. Not a chance.

And don't these idiots know that scumbags will still get guns and still commit crimes. It's what they do.

The law abiding citizens are ALWAYS the ones being punished.