Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spare The Criminal, Punish The Gun

Banning guns will not do one damn thing to
deter crime. 'Individuals must be held account-
able for their bad deeds, not the weapons
they use.'


Mel said...

Ok there you go again with the most horrible statement those on the left can hear, PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!

cocked and loaded said...

Right as always Mel.

Genie said...

The killing spree in my home state was obviously committed by a deranged individual.

The anti-gunners may want us to pay for it, but we won't.

"From my cold dead hands."

God bless America!

Susannah said...

Indeed, C&L!

Check out the video posted @ on March 13th.

There are lots of friends out there. Keep talking!

Pamela Zydel said...

The Left always want to put the blame on something other than the person who is actually responsible. No wonder we have an entire generation that has no values, morals or character.

cocked and loaded said...

Thanks folks. Love your comments!

Anonymous said...

The person using the gun is to blame. Not the gun. But the Libtards will never understand that.

tjbbpgobIII said...

It is always necessary to ask the left for personal accountability but it will never happen. The left will never agree with the death penalty either but they will also never leave a good baby in the womb. Maybe if we just renamed the death penalty retro-active abortion the would go for it. I live in Alabama too and I will never give up my gun. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND OUR GLORIOUS CONSTITUTION.

Melonie said...

Just popped by to thank you for "Following" my new blog. Great blog here - love the John Wayne pic in the header. I grew up watching his movies. No wonder I married a man as cranky as Rooster Cogburn. heh

As for the whole personal accountability thing.... how dare you say folks should actually take accountability for their actions? *GASP!!!!* When will we learn - those of us who think of guns as TOOLS just can't get a point through to the ah, TOOLS coming up with these concepts. ;-)

Keep up the good work. Diggin' the blog!

PS My dad was stationed in NC back in the '80s. I liked it there.

"Bill Hicks" said...

The way I see it there only need to be two (2) firearm laws on the books. 1. Anyone who has ever been convicted as a violent felon may never own, possess, purchase, attempt to own, etc...Unless such conviction has been overturned or your rights have been restored...(you get the picture)
2. Any violent felon who violates the first law will be jailed without possibility for parole.

If your gonna make a law make it a good, true, "common sense" (I now hate to use that term due to what the left has done to it) law with some weight behind it, that does not violate anyone's rights unless they seek to violate the rights of others.