Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gun Owners Send A Message

I think the main reason people are buying
guns is to protect themselves from a tyrannical
government. And that seems reasonable to me.
Some of us are prepared to defend what is ours.


TWhiddon said...

That's why I'm buying. And I'm buying ammo too.

Mel said...

perfectly reasonable!! yet a sad commentary on the state of our Union.

Bitches In Blue said...

Very True !

Anonymous said...

The only thing i see right now is buying guns and ammo. A neighbor of our stopped up today to ask a favor... We started talking guns because we could hear him shooting while we were building our fire ring. I am singing Johnny Cash "ring of fire" as i am dry stacking stone. And counting every round fired and said, 1 dollar, 2 dollar 3 dollar...... I counted about 30 rounds. Told the neighbor that. He looked at me kinda funny and said geeze why'd ya do that? I told him I am a retired cop, it is natural to count the shots as they ring out, and i was just looking out for his money!!!! He laughed like hell.