Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Local Hero

Officer Justin Garner was the only officer
on duty sunday morning in the small town
of Chartage N.C. His desision to go into
the building alone without back up surely
saved many lives. He certainly has "True


Anonymous said...

I read Officer Garner's story............ And it brought tears to my eyes. He is a true American Hero, I pray for a speedy recovery for him. He is an amazing example of what Police Work is all about!!!!! God Bless you Officer, a Job Well Done!

Anonymous said...

A hero so say yhe least. God Bless this brave man.

Anonymous said...

Heroes like this should serve as a reminder to us all how great this country is, and why must not surrender our rights to the liberal cabal in Washington.

Daisy said...

Thank God for heroes like Officer Garner. I hope he makes a full recovery.

Melonie said...

Good for him - I wish him a swift recovery. My first husband is a police officer. I'm sure this young man's family is proud of his acts but more happy that he made it home safely that day.

What a shame the losses are of that day. All the more reason that we responsible firearms owners need to be vigilant about keeping an eye on those who may not be - it sounds like the gun club this suspect was previously in tried to do that. Unfortunately the national MSM will probably focus only on the perpetrator's list of "issues" and downplay the heroic actions of this officer.

Genie said...

God bless Officer Garner!

I've missed you, Rooster!

I've been in computer virus Hell for the last week, but am getting back online a little now. Still don't have everything working properly, but seem to be getting there.

I've got a lot of catching up to do!

God bless America!