Friday, March 13, 2009

The Gun Ban List

"The first step in establishing a dictatorship
is to disarm the people." Check it out folks.
We have one hell of a fight ahead of us. We had
better be ready.


Genie said...


I honestly believe that the only way to save our rights and our country is to get the criminal punk in chief removed from office.

When is a "fringe" movement no longer a "fringe" movement? The so called "birthers," of which I have been a member since June of 2008, are millions strong now, & include members of our military.

Our liegislators have been ignoring us on this issue, as has the MSM. This fight is going to have to be fought on many fronts.

I certainly hope these morons don't think we are going to line up like good little "sheeple" & willingly give up our guns. Many, I'm sure, are family heirlooms.

Thanks for the post!

God, please bless America!

kateykakes said...

I've passed this on to a zillion people. As always, I thank you for keeping me and many others informed.

I'm NOT giving up my guns. It's not going to happen. I am a law abiding citizen and I have a right to protect my family and my home.

I don't know why these liberals just can't seem to grasp that no matter what, criminals will ALWAYS get their hands on illegal weapons and it will only make things worse.

This insanity has got to end. Now.

TWhiddon said...

I think that list has been floating around for a while now. It's the same list that Rep. Carolyn McCarthy of New York has been pushing for a few years. While we should always be vigilant, I dont think that anything is going to happen for a while. Pelosi and Reid control the House and Senate and they have both stated publicly that they have no desire to revisit the assault weapons ban at this time. I think they both remember what happened after the Clinton ban in 1994.

Plus Alex Jones is a little "too fringe" with his conspiracy theories and such for me to put much stock in. Although he can be entertaining sometimes.

Anonymous said...

If they want them they have to get in range to do so.

Jill said...

And They wonder why gun sales are up... Americans can smell the scent of dictatorship billowing out the White House windows and doors.

Disarming Americans is NOT ACCEPTABLE.