Saturday, March 14, 2009

Americans Will Fight Gun Grabbers

There are 90 million gun owners in this
country. Thats tens of millions more
than voted for Obama last November.


Bitches In Blue said...

I just read your Gun ban post its incredible that all these people that voted for Obama didn't see what a liar he was.

Genie said...

"We the people" no longer have representation in Washington.

I have had continuing correspondence with 2 of my LIEgislators, both Republicans, who have patronized me, insulted my intelligence, and have thoroughly pissed me off. The other one is not even worth wasting time or postage on because one cannot have an intelligent conversation with a moron.

Just so you all know, there names are, Dishonorable Richard Shelby, Dishonorable Jeff Sessions, and Dishonorable Mike Rogers.

They all need to go! There is a special place in Hell for all the treasonist bastards & bitches residing in our Nation's capitol.

God bless America!

Genie said...

Damn. I'm so mad I can't even spell their correctly! Oops.

cocked and loaded said...

I understand your anger Genie.

Timeshare Jake said...

Every weekend I go to the range. It used to be easy to get a lane to shoot in, now you have to wait. I started asking people why they are there, and the answer is no surprise and always the same.