Friday, May 1, 2009

Knife Killings Up 50%

"Amnesty for pocket knifes or steak
knifes is not an option. The city
would go bankrupt."

I guess knife control is not an
option. more


Conservative Scalawag said...

Would go? I thought it already was bankrupt.

Anyhow, you are not going to stop evil or criminals, if you ban guns, they use knives, you ban knives, they use bats, you ban bats, they us rocks...and on and on.

Daisy said...

Exactly, CS, and that's what politicians fail to see. And it's not just criminals who will use these items - if guns are taken away from us we will use whaat ever means are necessary and available to proctect ourselves and our familes.

Just my $.02.

BTW, "they" are going to have one hell of a time trying to get my firearms from me. I'm not willing to give them up that easily!

fuzzys dad said...

Scalawag and Daisy are 100% correct.
It seems guns are not so bad.

Melonie said...

I think this is a very telling point:

"The knife killings of 2008 were sometimes random, sometimes frenzied, sparked by lost love, anger or mental illness."

Virtually any item can be used in a crime of passion or insanity - technically one could use a knitting needle, scissors or a multitude of other items found in your everyday craft store to kill or harm someone. Conservative Scalawag hit it on the money with the comment about where they go once you ban one item....

If someone really wants to do bodily harm, there is no "thing" that can be controlled to stop them from doing it. Let's just look at road rage - should we ban cars? They, too, are deadly weapons.