Sunday, May 3, 2009

Acorn Is Marking Every Front Door In America

I cant think of one good reason for this.
I guess it will make kicking in our front
doors an easier task.

Hat Tip To Genie


American Genie said...

Thank you, Rooster!

God bless you, & God bless America!

Opus #6 said...

I posted about it on my blog as well. This is just wrong.

fuzzys dad said...


"Bill Hicks" said...

Funny, the other day I had someone that worked for the census come to my door and ask what my physical address was. I told them that I refused to answer as the only question I was required to answer according to the U.S. Constitution was "How many people live here?" I told her I would be more than happy to answer that question next year if she came back.

She then attempted to ask me if I had lived at this residence since the last census. I again refused to answer stating Article 1 Section 2 of the US Constitution. She got very rude and accused me of being un-American.

Next time they show up I think I will answer the door wearing my 1911 openly and cleaning my AR-15 (just in case you wondered, I was wearing my G27 in and IWB holster when they knocked on the door).

Susannah said...

It's really creepy... & why are we allowing it???? Oh my gosh...

Hey, C&L, you weren't bothered by tornadoes tonight, were you? It was all over our news, but no action here...Rockingham & Caswell Co's

Melonie said...

Beyond creepy.... on the one hand I wonder if it's a matter of "we have the technology so let's use it"..... but then again - it seems so incredibly sinister. Blech.

I find it really funny (in the NON funny way) that "Bill Hicks" was accused by a pre-census visitor of being un-American when *he* was the one quoting the Constitution........ backwards, much?