Thursday, May 14, 2009

When The SHTF

Folks you must read this. It contains
information that may save your life.


eyes wide open said...

Thanks for digging this stuff up. Keep up the service- it is a service.

Anonymous said...

The wife just got a book for me,it was written by the guy who runs the Survival Blog. Haven't started reading it yet,but reviews say it is good.

As to your SHTF,it is coming,thanks for keeping it in the forefront.

Amusing Bunni said...

This is all very good and true information. I might also add that don't open your doors to little kids either. The trash send their spawn of satan to let your guard down - then they come busting in behind them.

And, their old ploy of "needing to use the phone/make a call" is OVER. Have you noticed that all these low-lifes have cell phones, which are surgically attached to their ears! I don't trust anyone these days! Stay safe.