Friday, May 29, 2009

Pharmacist Charged With Murder

An Oklahoma City pharmacist who
shot and killed a would be robber
has been charged with first degree
murder. Let watch this closely.


USA_Admiral said...

Simply the most disturbing story I have read since Obama won the election.

Southern Drawl said...

The first shot was definitely justified. However, the video evidence is alarming. I guess it's the nurse in me...once he's down and out call 911.

The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

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Anonymous said...

He was a armed punk that was shooting at everyone. after getting shot from what I understand he was getting back up. So I say shoot him ubtil he is no longer a threat.

Anonymous said...

On the surface it looks bad,but don't know all of the facts,which will probably come out in court.

But again, on the surface,it looks like he went beyond needed force. For once the threat has been STOPPED,which doesn't always mean dead,but can result in death - you should back off, assets the environment, and react if need be to possible other threats. Once all clear or under control, notify your lawyer...then the cops. Yes in that order.

American Genie said...

I agree with Conservative Scalawag.

Of course one cannot always believe the MSM in situations like this, but if the video confirms that the pharmacist shot the teenager 5 more times after he was down & posing no further threat then the pharmacist was not justified in this shooting.