Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Second Amendment Matters

If one right can be taken away,
they all can.


American Genie said...


Our 2nd Amendment is more important now than ever!

The Census Bureau & ACORN are already marking the front doors of every American household with GPS coordinates. I know this because I have already been marked by the beast. I have a post at my blog about the experience.

I have contacted the Census Bureau & my non reps in DC regarding this unconstitutional action & will be posting that info later.

Be careful, my friend, & lock & load. It's coming!

God bless America!

Mel said...

That statement needs to be broadcast on every airwave!!!

Kirsten said...

YES they can all be taken away! Everyone needs to wake up and speak up every chance they get. We have to get the message out. The media lies and will do what they can to counter with their own information.