Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Tragedy In A Gun Free Zone

The political debate about guns would
be different if once in a while a news
story mentioned that there has been
another public shooting in a gun free


M Conservative Operative said...

As we know, one gun in the right hand would of made the difference. Most of the left will blame the gun, when the bastard doing the shooting and the bastards who passed the laws disarming the citizens are to guilty. But once again, the left has created the problem and will be the once fixing the problem by creating more of a problem.

"Bill Hicks" said...

There is so much evidence against so called "Gun Free Zones" that they should in themselves be outlawed. Take a look at just one very specific "Gun Free Zone" here:

fuzzys dad said...

Litards will always blame the gun. And never the scum pulling the trigger.

Susannah said...

Oh, but they always leave that out, don't they? Like all these school shootings...we're supposed to believe that the weapons used are actually legal? Legally obtained & registered...yeah.