Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rush To Judgement

The unbiased press reports that a
gun-loving maniac has killed three
Pittsburgh police officers.(more)


Melonie said...

I was wondering what sort of spin they'd throw on this when I first read about this tragic event. It's pretty obvious the guy was nutty and getting worse.... and yet it's going to be the fault of the GUNS.

Too bad it didn't occur to him when he went ballistic (no pun intended) that his fears of the administration and their gun bans would only be proven true with actions like this. They'll use this for fodder and he'll be one of many "excuses" for it.

USA_Admiral said...

The spin they are putting on it is unbelievable.

Mel said...

i was listening to that yesterday on the news and thought this will embolden the administration

fuzzys dad said...

The Brady bunch will have a field day

Cpdcoppurr said...

The minute I saw this was some white kid, that obviously had mental issue's and was not allowed to own a gun since he had a dishonorable discharge, I knew the MSM would be making him the poster child for taking our gun rights away.

We need our voices heard, those of us that love our country, abide by our constitution and want our country free. We can not allow them to win on this............ Fight for our rights, and not allow them to do this to us.

This lunatic was a fringer, he is not the face of those of us that love our guns and our country. We need to stand united and get the word out as best we can that this was an isolated incident, and not the norm as is the norm in the GHETTO where they shoot like I smoke cigarettes.