Friday, January 16, 2009

Woman Shoots would Be Robber

A woman who was home from work
sick, prevented a robbery by
shooting one suspect in the
upper body.


Anonymous said...

Good for her, happy to hear about more women taking responsiblity in self-defense.

Hogday said...

In England, if a burglar entered her home the law would only expect her to use "reasonable force" and that would be a subjective test for the courts to decide upon, taking into account all the circumstances.

I lived in a high crime area of south east London where the burglary would often be in the form of a local gang, booting its way straight through the front door - nothing skillful or fancy. This was just prior to the big police anti crime operation in the area which, historians will say, started the infamous Brixton Riots.

I used to clay shoot and had a nice Savage Stevens p/a shotgun. I kept it in a good, tactical location with No.7's in the magazine (I'd favour 00 Buck really but felt the law was against me anyway!). Plan A was the first one through the door who kept on coming after I'd cocked it would go down. Would this qualify me as an honourary American?