Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bullet Ownership Bill

Anti-gun activist Reverend Melvin Whitley
wants us to accuire a permit to buy ammo.


Chicago Ray said...

The anti second amendment sheeple are the most ignorant and dangerous even without weapons to the republic if we can keep it.

This and the ammo tagging will sure catch a lot of criminals who will buy underground. NOT.

Clay Bowler said...

Mancow just discussed this on his show. He believes Ammo will be outreageously priced. I will be purchasing my final pre Obama rounds this weekend.

Chicago Ray said...

I just added to my collection this past weekend, Hi Point CP 380 and 150 rounds $250/$ 100 for the gun online at Buds, , bought the rounds at a local place called Phils where I pick up my online purchases.