Monday, February 1, 2010

Guns For The Bug Out Bag

The .22 long rifle would be a must for any bug
out bag, but the 12 gauge would also be at the
top of the list...more


Anonymous said...

What do think of a mini 14? 30 round clips.

cocked and loaded said...

I think it will do a fine job. Be
a good one to have if the SHTF.

Anonymous said...

I will say a Remington 870 also.

Anonymous said...

M Conservative Operative - Tapco is now making 30-round magazines for the Mini-14 rifles now.

I second the idea of a .22. My 10/22 right now is dolled up as target rifle(heavy barrel and after market stock). However, I took the factory stockand barrel and modified them to become packable. Cut the forend down,and put a Hi Viz front sight on barrel. Thus making a Bubby-fied survival rifle. Hey, it works for the purpose indended.

LSP said...

I guess I'd take a .22, .45 sidearm and an AR 15/M4 - 12 guage as 'truck gun'. Or is that too enthusiastic?