Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carbines vs. Shotguns

The pros and cons between carbines and scatterguns
for home defense...more


fuzzys dad said...

It comes down to personal choice.I like the intimidation factor of a shotgun pumping.

eyes wide open said...

Great link friend. These are very informative videos with a great deal practical advice. Thanks.

Conservative Scalawag said...

Huh, interesting to say the least.

My idea of a carbine is a pistol loaded long gun, such as a Keltec Sub-2000 or Camp-9.

As to using bird shot or #1 for home defense - yeah okay - don't think so. At minimum I use #4 buck.

The .223, which in carbine format, is still a rifle load, thus I treat as a rifle - not a carbine.

Now, would I use a 9,40 or 45 chambered weapon for home defense in the carbine format - sure I would. The Keltec for example holds more cartridge, is easy to use and is inexpensive to own(paid less for my carbine than any of my pistols or shotguns).