Saturday, October 24, 2009

They've Been Watching Red Dawn Again

"But really, folk, the government has nuclear
weapons and F-16s." But really Cynthia, do you
think they would nuke their own soil, or send
F-16s after us firing cruise missiles into the
country side, endangering innocent lives. You
need to remember this. Three percent of the
colonist defeated the British army with their
hunting rifles...more

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Anonymous said...

I need to start paying more attention to my local fish wrap more often, completely missed this by Cynthia "Commie race-bait'er" Tucker.

Thing is, all she had to do is look at some of her commie friends, like China,Vietnam, and even Cuba. For the national governments or their allies had all the weapons, yet they over came them.

Why? Because of bureaucracy and a lack of will to fight the war.

As to the movie Red Dawn, perhaps Ms Tucker should watch it, seeing her commie pals lost to a bunch of armed citizens. Much like how the Revolutionary War, where the Brits lost to a bunch of farmers and tradesmen.