Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obama Backs U.N. Gun Control Treaty

Pro gun activists warn this is a giant
leap in side stepping congress and
overturning the second amendment...more


The Rattler said...

Since I can not imagine our military following orders to disarm us, I will start using blue helmets for target practice as UN inforcement is their ultimate goal anyways.

cocked and loaded said...

Good idea for target practice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with The Rattler

Did it MY way said...

Sound like a plan to me Rattler


Sad truth is many U.N. troops are also U.S. military.

I myself refuse to be in a direct NATO or U.N. command

Sargonarhes said...

Blue helmets.
Easy to see, easy to hit.

Even if a lot of US troops are UN troops, I really don't think they'd willingly turn on America. Unless they're in Obama's camp.