Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sig Sauers "Cash For Clunkers" Deal

Sig Sauer is offering a $200 dollar discount
to gun owners who turn in their old pistols
and buy a new Sig...more


LL said...

I don't think it applies to California where the legislature is burning midnight oil to legislate us out of our Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms. How it feels it has that mandate and legal authority is quite beyond me, but know those liberal bastards. They keep pecking away at it.

Bungalow Bill said...

I wonder if they will take any pistol? Heck you could go by a Jamenez piece of crap at a gun show for $90 and turn it in for $110 advantage.

By the way, I know they are a crappy company with dangerous guns, but why would you name your gun company using the word 'jam'

Conservative Scalawag said...

I posted something on this too, and after reading it well - on it's face it is a huge scam.

I bring in a perfectly working gun,and trade for a gun I might not even be able to afford to feed or accessorize.