Thursday, December 4, 2008

IDF May Launch Strike On Its Own

Israeli officals have said it would be difficult
but not impossible to launch a strike against
Iran without help from the U. S.


American Genie said...

Hi, John. Sorry I haven't been available lately to post comments here. Things are crazy in my world. I found this on my server's page this morning & thought you might be interested:

N.C. ACORN Proposes Stricter Ammunition Laws
The grassroots community organization, ACORN, is fighting for a new law it says will save lives. "Stop the Bullet" is a campaign that would make it harder for felons to buy ammunition from stores. When you buy a gun, gun shops have to run a background check first to make sure you're not a convicted felon.
Read About It:
Posted: 12/5/2008 9:27:41 AM

Keep up the good fight. God bless you & God bless America.

cocked and loaded said...

Thanks for the tip Genie.
Hope you get back to posting