Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Self Defense Necessary Here in The Real World

'We live in a real world and one must be prepared to defend
themselves at a moments notice'...more


Susannah said...

Very interesting. Can you tell me what the NC process is for concealed carry? My husband & I both are interested in taking the course, & have just put it off -- busy w/ 3 kids, etc...

Your advice is much appreciated. ;)

cocked and loaded said...

You must first take a concealed
carry training course, which usually runs around 75.00. Then go
to your Sherriff's Department for
the application process, which
includes fingerprinting, background
check, ect. It varies some from
county to county but I would think
Randolph would be a breeze. Whole
process will cost around 200.00.
Hope this helps.