Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cops and Concealed Carry

Tips for CCW holders on dealing with police...more


Jimmy the Screwdriver said...

I just got off the phone with a TX Hwy Patrol officer and he says that it's not required to disclose that you have a CHL or that you have a gun in you car in TX. The law changed a few years back and that might be the source of misinformation. Check the Texas DPS website to check for yourself.

Also, as a former cop myself, I don't recommend telling anyone, including a cop that you are carrying- unless he/she asks you directly.

The TX officer also told me that the CHL status is displayed when he runs your DL anyways.

Also, TX law also allows ANYone to carry a concealed weapon in their car or traveling to or from their car. So, depending on your ability to articulate your response to an inquisitive officer, you don't even need a concealed license in TX. That's straight from the officer's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Living in one of those states that doesn't require one to disclose to the police that I am armed - I chose not to. It isn't required of me,and frankly it is none of the states business.

Now, if he ask if I am armed, the sure I'll tell him I have a permit to carry first, the that I am armed.

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