Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CA:Police Warn Against Self Defense in Robbery

When confronted by a robber, police encourage
store clerks to comply with demands. In other
words, be a good little victim...more


Jay T said...

California is a state no amount of money could get me into.

The Rattler said...

"We tell them to calm down and remember descriptive information like moles or tattoos..."

How about an entire body, is that enough of a description?

I had my own business here in California. In 5 years and 4 locations, I was burglarized 22 times. (It was nothing more than a hobby store... they would steal $1000 worth of rc cars and do $10k in damage). Anyways... one night I got a call that the alarm was going off. Grabbed my shotgun, 44mag and sleeping bag and headed across town. Sure enough, they stole a truck and drove it through my security gates. Pulled up and ask if they caught anyone. Nope. Ask them how long it took to get there. Right away. (it was actually 12 minutes... the station was just 1 mile away). Then they ask me if I was calling a glass company to board it up. Said nope, I'll spend the night. Then proceeded to bring in my guns and sleeping bag. They said I couldn't do that. I said fine but which one of you is going to keep me company all night... it was about 1am. Reply... sir, we're not paid to protect you. I said that is apparent. Told them I no longer need their services and I had it under control. Just if they stop by to check to ANNOUNCE themselves loudly. The keystone cops looked puzzled and said they disagreed with my decision to arm myself but then left... they did not come by once that night!
California is the poster child for dependence and being a victim. Well at least by some.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just like they did here in Atlanta, when the robbers shot the bartender in the back of the head.

Yeah, I think not. Be a human,and shoot back.