Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gun Sales Up: Americans Fear Crime And Terrorism

Smith and Wesson expects to nearly double
its sales in the next three to five years
as demand soars...more


American Genie said...

Thanks, Rooster. I agree with some of the commenters at the article that it is not fear of crime or terrorism, but a fear of our government that is driving these sales.

Amazing how far up their posteriors the folks who believe it's "crime & terrorism" can get their heads. Gotta be painful, but will be even more so when they finally have them violently yanked out by the truth.

cocked and loaded said...

Thanks Genie. The purpose of the
2nd amendment is to protect the
citizens from the tyranny of

Fuzzy Slippers said...

We fear a lot more than crime and terrorism, that's for sure. I'm not at all surprised that gun and ammo sales are up.