Monday, August 10, 2009

Requests For Gun Permits Jump 67%

Florida is seeing a huge increase in
applications for concealed weapon
permits. more


American Genie said...

You know, Rooster. I really don't think that when it hits the fan that it's really gonna matter if we have permits or not, but it does seem like with these huge increases in sales & permit applications that the government would pause to think about what they are doing, & would start listening to all of us "astroturfers." Nah!!!

God bless the Constitutional Republic of America!

VoteNovember2008 said...

You know what they say about a "well armed militia"! Yep, Patriots are waking up from a coma and ae shocked by what they see! VN8

Anonymous said...

Premit requests here in Indiana are up also.

Anonymous said...

I think Georgia is up to 79% according to the AJC reports.

I know that GCO recruitment is off the charts, going from around 4000 this fall to just shy of 5000 in five months.