Friday, July 24, 2009

The Window War

If three percent of American gun owners
decided they were ready to take things
to the next level, it could get ugly.


American Genie said...

I have made it a mission to one day meet & shake the hand of Mike Vanderboegh. Shouldn't be too hard. Alabama is not a huge state.

Great post, Rooster. Thank you.

God bless the Constitutional Republic of America!

Anonymous said...

And I think it is coming sooner than most think. As to how ugly it would get, so very ugly it would be.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Scalawag the storm clouds are getting closer.

Anonymous said...


The thunder is over head.........The clouds are dark and ugly....... It won't be long until this broken window theory is proved right.

I have "one" small issue with the broken window theory.......... I do not believe, that the Officer's on duty are going to fire upon their own, I beleive they will do their job, "under the law" and write a report. I do not believe from what I am seeing in the civilian sector now, that the Police will ever go against our Constitution. We all took an Oath when we got on. Orders or no orders, if they are against the Constitution, they are UNconstitutional. I do not believe our troops will support our Commander and THIEF or our Politicians. This country in inception fought for freedom, not SOCIALISM, they are going to have a long hard fight on their hands if they want to jam it down our throats, I do not believe the Red White and Blue Americans are going to stand for it. Obambi has shown who he is, 6 months in office, his polls are plummeting, and he is opening his mouth and inserting foot at every turn.

He showed his racism this week with the Professor and Officer............ The Officer was a GENTLEMAN and the Professor was a race baiting pig!!!!!! I hope more of this happens so America wakes the hell up.

Sorry I was a blog hog, but reading this just sent my typing fingers flying.

cocked and loaded said...

Your comment was dead on C.